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State of the Art in EMS
Minnesota EMS Medical Directors Conference 

September 6-8, 2019

Arrowwood Conference Center, Alexandria, MN


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Sunday Keynote:

Andrew is a former Navy SEAL Officer and reservist with over 17 years of total service and now a leadership instructor and chief of staff with Echelon Front. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he was commissioned in 2001 and graduated from SEAL training with Echelon Front Co-Founder, Leif Babin. He then made several combat deployments to Iraq both as the OIC of a Naval Special Warfare special boat team detachment and as the assistant platoon commander for Delta Platoon, Task Unit Bruiser in 2006 where he served alongside fellow leadership instructors Leif Babin, Mike Sarraille, JP Dinnell and TU Bruiser Commander, Jocko Willink.

Andrew experienced the lessons from the Battle of Ramadi first hand and under the leadership and mentorship of both Leif and Jocko. He learned to lead men in combat operations against the enemy, employ the laws of combat and how to lead both up and down the chain of command. In 2007, Andrew left active duty and transitioned to the business world where he built a successful mortgage business. His experience in business ranges from sales to operations and management for the last 13 years. Andrew brings unique experiences in both combat and business applications as they relate to the leadership principles of Extreme Ownership.

Andrew is the recipient of a Bronze Star Medal w/ “V”, an Army Commendation Medal w/ “V” and various other combat and meritorious awards.





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